Facilitating camps and discussions allows us to bring the game to life by responding to the global issue of violence against women and girls in a new and creative manner that reflects a connection between the latest technology and social challenges. By recreating activities from the Facilitator’s Guide and discussing the issues around gender-based violence brought up in the game, the BREAKAWAY camps raise awareness and educate children about the issue. Children are involved in dialogue, discussion and exercises about the game and its message that encourages children to speak their minds about the message of the game and women’s rights. Games model behavior and encourage change from within by presenting the opportunity for the player to think critically about actions and reasons. By profoundly shifting beliefs, stereotypes, and attitudes on gender issues, games move from a curative to a preventive approach.

The BREAKAWAY Camp makes addressing the sensitive issues that comprise gender-based violence approachable for young people. We combine technology (football-themed electronic gameplay) with group activities and facilitated discussions in an exciting and creative manner attractive to young people. The program is flexible, so we can tailor the camp experience to your community.

The BREAKAWAY Camp raises awareness and educates children and fosters the champion in each and every child through the following mission:

  1. Introduce the game and its message to the largest possible number of children.
  2. Create an ideal environment where children learn the game rules, play the electronic game, and enjoy various activities that support the message of the game.
  3. Encourage dialogue and facilitate discussion between children about the game and its message in a way that allows children to speak their minds about issues of gender equity, bullying, and gender-based violence sparked by the BREAKAWAY game narrative.