Mobile Development


The BREAKAWAY mobile team has great news: BREAKAWAY mobile beta is open to the public!

This means that anyone with a Google Play Store compatible device can now help us test our game. If you want to be one of the first to experience what BREAKAWAY mobile has to offer, you can click here to “BREAKAWAY mobile” on your device’s Google Play Store to play. If you run into a bug or have any feedback for the team, you can use this form to submit any bugs you find.

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Thank you to all our previous testers who have made a positive impact on BREAKAWAY mobile’s development. We owe much of our success to the feedback we get from these test sessions and hope that the open testing will provide us with new insights for success!

– The BREAKAWAY Launch Team


We did it! This past year your help has supported students for 3 semesters towards completing the mobile version. This updated game has surpassed expectations with a tightened narrative, a new character, beautiful motion graphics, and fast, fun soccer play, but with the same powerful ending. 

This year we work with:

  • A Champlain Stiller School of Business class will focus on how best to launch the BREAKAWAY mobile game to the largest possible audience.
  • Our research partner, Dr. Helen Wang, has two Ph.D. students whose dissertations are on BREAKAWAY’s impacts. Likewise, we’re co-authoring a book chapter on the subject.
  • We continue to partner with our friends at Population Media Center on bringing BREAKAWAY to a broader audience. Last year, as part of one of their campaigns in Nigeria, a BREAKAWAY character was featured in their telenovela – and we hope to deepen this model elsewhere.

This video gives an update from the current BREAKAWAY development team and the game’s status. Check it out!


This $5000 fundraising campaign will fund a team of up to 4 Champlain College students to continue work on the mobile version of the BREAKAWAY game in the Spring 2017 semester. 100% of the funds go directly to supporting the students working at the Emergent Media Center.

BREAKAWAY launched in 2010 and has had incredible results changing attitudes and behavior of youth regarding bullying and violence against women and girls. However, since 2010 mobile technology has transformed access and game play.

In order to impact more young people on this critical issue, especially those young people without computers, we’ve been working on a cool, updated mobile version of the game.


During the Spring 2017 semester, the team’s work includes:

  • Testing of the mini-games
  • Gathering and implementing feedback
  • Building out the first chapter of the narrative system

This is in part to a long term (one year) strategy of fully integrating and testing a condensed narrative and releasing the full mobile version through global media programs with Population Media Center and through the Apple and Android app stores. 


BREAKAWAY has already changed the lives of thousands of children. Through continued efforts, we hope to bring BREAKAWAY to thousands more and enact long-lasting change!

Thank you for considering a gift to this important effort! Join our community of donors by giving today and sharing this campaign with your networks.

You can also follow progress and test out the new mobile mini-games on BREAKAWAY’s Facebook page.